Roger Reinert standing casually with his arms crossed. He's standing near Enger Tower with the Lift Bridge in the background.


I’m Roger Reinert, and I’m running to serve as your next mayor for Duluth. We need our city to provide effective and efficient core city services. Streets and utilities. Public safety. Parks and libraries. Tax base development. Housing. We are overdue on a meaningful conversation about the Duluth we are and the Duluth we want to be. My life has been about public service, as a city councilor, a state legislator and a naval officer. I love Duluth with a passion, and am eager to earn your vote.

REINERT FOR MAYOR    The location of the city Duluth stared on an outline of Minnesota   DULUTH, MINNESOTA

REINERT FOR MAYOR    The location of the city Duluth stared on an outline of Minnesota DULUTH, MINNESOTA

A Mayor for Duluth

A mayor for Duluth

Right now, everything seems extra hard. Increased property taxes and proposed fees on top of household budgets stretched thin by inflation. Lack of equipment at your neighborhood playground. Days to get out of your driveway after a major storm. Being told to maintain the neighborhood rink yourself. Feeling unsafe in too many parts of our community. We need our city government to be a better partner. We need City Hall to have a culture of, “Yes, we can do that.” I know how to do that and have the track record to prove it.

A quick thanks to Almanac North for a chance to discuss these issues and more on a recent broadcast.

Expect more. Do better.

A city that works

Streets and utilities. Public safety. Parks and libraries. Tax-base development. Housing. These core services are critical. When city government doesn’t do these well, no one else does. Let’s expect more. Let’s expect city services that work—and work well.


Drugs. Panhandling. Graffiti. Encampments. Several Downtown buildings and I-35 twice closed by major encampment fires. All contribute to a feeling of being unsafe in our downtown and in too many neighborhoods. As a community, we can—and must—do better.


Culture and attitude matter. We need City Hall to partner with residents, neighborhoods and businesses. We need an attitude of, “Yes, we can do that!” And we need a mayor who can bring people together to find solutions. I can do that. Because I have done that.

“Duluth, I pledge to give you everything I have—and then some. I love our community with a passion and can envision no greater service than helping leave Duluth a better place than we found it.”
– Roger

A Duluth conversation

We’re overdue for a community conversation about where Duluth is and where it’s headed. I love to listen and ask questions, and I’m willing to meet with anyone willing to meet with me. So, let’s connect. 

Leo can come along or stay at home. 🙂

Roger and his dog

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