Roger Reinert standing casually with his arms crossed. He's standing near Enger Tower with the Lift Bridge in the background.


I’m Roger Reinert and I’m proud to serve as Duluth’s mayor. We need our city to provide effective and efficient core city services. Streets and utilities. Public safety. Parks and libraries. Tax base development. Housing. We have been overdue on a meaningful conversation about the Duluth we are and what we envision. My life has been about public service, as a city councilor, a state legislator and a naval officer. I love Duluth with a passion and together we will work to make it the city we want it to be.

“Duluth, I pledge to give you everything I have—and then some. I love our community with a passion and can envision no greater service than helping leave Duluth a better place than we found it.”
– Roger

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