Roger standing outside, casually dressed, with his hands in his pockets. He's smiling and enjoying the beautiful Fall colors.

Qualified. Capable. Experienced.

In Duluth, we like to start conversations with, “Which high school did you attend?” Had I grown up in Duluth, it would have been Denfeld. But here’s a secret I don’t often tell: I didn’t grow up in Duluth. I grew up on the Minnesota-South Dakota border. I always wanted to live somewhere with hills, trees and water because we didn’t have any of those things.

The first time I came over Thompson Hill in 1993, it took my breath away. It still does. Where else do you get such a dramatic welcome home from Mother Nature? I knew then that it was only a matter of time before I made Duluth my home. I moved north in 1998 with no job—just a determination that this is where I wanted to be.

Twenty-five years later, I can’t imagine calling any other place home. I love Duluth with a passion. This community—the people and the place—are in my heart and in my soul.

My entire adult life has been about public service. It is my calling. It is in my DNA. City councilor. State representative. State senator. Naval officer. College teacher. Lawyer. Since I last served in elected office, I have earned my law degree, completed a combat deployment to Afghanistan and deployed again to Italy in the early days of COVID-19. I also stepped up during the darkest days of the pandemic to serve as the interim executive director of the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center, helping stabilize this key regional asset and ensuring the DECC’s survival.

I am not flashy. I am not fancy. I am pretty low-key. I am frugal. I may even be a tad boring. But I also am competent, capable and experienced. I love bringing diverse people together to find common ground and practical solutions. I love getting my hands dirty with the work of local government. I know how to structure large organizations. I know how to build high-performing teams. I know how to set priorities and align resources. I know how to hold myself and others accountable. I know how to put my head down, work hard and get the job done.

Let’s work together to leave Duluth better than we found it. I am grateful for your encouragement and support. I look forward to earning your vote!

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